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7 Clear Signs You Are Ready To Work For Yourself

7 Clear Signs You Are Ready To Work For Yourself

“Being Your Own Boss” is a dream that many of us share. 

It’s a dream often fuelled by a desire for freedom. Living life on our own terms. Setting our own work hours, spending more time with friends and family, or having unlimited earning potential. What’s not to like?

Or, it could simply be a great idea for a product or service that we want to share with the world.

The fact that you’re reading this article right now suggests that, even if it’s not your lifelong ambition, you’ve at least considered working for yourself.  

However, for many, it never goes beyond a dream. It remains something that we only aspire to, or perhaps something we’ll get to “one day”, when we’re ready.

So, here are 7 clear signs that you are ready to work for yourself now. 

How many do you recognise in yourself?

1. You Do Things Your Own Way

You feel held back or frustrated by procedure and find your own, more efficient ways of getting things done (possibly ignoring your employers’ way of doing things in the process).

The entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t fit with following procedure. Its fuelled by finding new and efficient ways to achieve better results. 

2. You’re Resourceful and Self Sufficient

You don’t need direction or permission to move forward. You want something and you go and get it. 

If you are full of ideas and can creatively think your way around problems or challenges, then working for yourself should be your reality. 

3. You Feel Trapped In A 9 To 5 Setting

When you work for someone else, you feel trapped by their rules and schedule. 

If you feel suffocated by rigid routine and perform better when you have the flexibility to decide your own schedule, then working for yourself would be better suited to you. 

This doesn’t mean you’ll work any less of course, but you can choose when you work to fit around other parts of your life. Or, you can work at the times when you feel at your most productive! 

4. You Focus On Personal Growth

Those who are dedicated to improving themselves and continue to develop their skills are destined for self-employment. 

So, if you spend time devoted to your own personal growth, reading, listening to podcasts and generally consuming content then chances are you’ll feel trapped in any environment where you can’t grow.

If you have a burning sense that you “could be doing something more”, you’re on your way to working for yourself. 

5. You Feel Undervalued

For many, the pursuit of greater financial reward is a big push towards self-employment. And let’s face it, working for someone else often means there is a limit to what you can earn. 

So, if you feel like you’re not being paid your true worth, for the value you add, or you’re working long hours and your employer doesn’t reward overtime, then you could be putting your time to better use. 

Working for yourself often means that your income is linked to the value that you add, rather than the number of hours worked. 

6. Risk Doesn’t Scare You

One of the scariest things about working for yourself are risks. In business, anything can happen, and for many this in itself is the reason they don’t go it alone. 

So, a good indicator that you are ready to work for yourself is if you know how to handle risk. You know how to minimise and manage risk, so they become calculated and measured. 

7. You Already Have A Business On The Side

Many entrepreneurs and business owners out there had an idea of what they wanted to do when they were still employed by someone else. 

Whether it’s the security of a regular income whilst you pursue your idea, or your business started as a hobby, if you feel more passion and purpose about your side-job then this is one of the best signs you should be working for yourself. 


Working for yourself is a big step. It can be scary. It’s not always easy, and the buck stops with you. 

People around you will often tell you that you’re making a mistake, and for some that may be true. 

There is nothing wrong with being an employee, so long as you are happy in that role, and many people are. 

But if you recognise any of the 7 signs that you are ready to work for yourself, then chances are you are not happy as an employee and would benefit from the freedom that running your own business can bring. 

So, if this is you, but you don’t know where to start then why not read read my article on how to create happiness and fulfilment in your life by starting an online business.

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