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About Me


Hi, I’m Rob Needham, an online business owner and affiliate marketer who is passionate about helping people to realise and live their ultimate lifestyle. 

If you’ve found your way here, chances are you are looking to make a change in your life and something I said resonates with you, for which I am grateful. Perhaps you think I may be able to help, and so naturally you want to know a little more about me. 

I expect though, that you’re not here to read an autobiography, so in sharing my story I hope to make it both relevant and helpful to you and your journey, but also allow you to get to know me. 

My Story

My home is in South Wales in the UK where I live with my wife Amanda and our daughter, Holly.

Outside of my business I’m passionate about spending time with my family, walking up mountains (and more importantly down), cars and photography. Oh, and wine…I like wine.

Not too long ago I decided I needed to make a significant change in my own life. I’d had a professional career as an architect, which later led me into construction and property development, but for a long time I felt like something wasn’t quite right, something was missing. 

I didn’t feel driven anymore. I no longer felt fulfilled or like I had a purpose. I wasn’t in control of my own destiny.

Waled to the top of Snowdon!

I didn’t feel passionate about my work and having decided to start a family, I had a burning need to spend more time at home.     

I should say at this point that I have always been quite driven. From an early age I had a desire to be successful, earn great money and, being honest, to feel important. It’s these aspects of myself that pushed me towards a professional qualification and, during my career, meant I moved around chasing more senior positions and higher salaries, which I am fortunate to have achieved.

So, by my definition you could consider that I was successful. 

But the reality was, the further I progressed and the more senior I became the further away from my true self I felt. I had wanted to be more in control of the businesses I worked in and of my own destiny, but it slipped further away from me and I seemed to be constantly working for the benefit, particularly financially, of others. 

I wasn’t happy or fulfilled and I felt trapped in a career I had worked hard to build.

My Definition of Success?

It took me a long time, more a growing realisation than a lightbulb moment, but I saw that my definition of success was completely wrong. I found myself thinking a lot that there has to be more to life than this.

I started to think less about increasing my income or position in a company and more about spending time with my family, travelling and pursuing my own interests. 

So what was wrong? Surely I had followed the right path – I’d got a good (but very long) education, a professional career in which I could climb the ladder and save for later life, and then I could retire and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Isn’t this what people strive for? I didn’t anymore.  

Let me ask you something – have you ever really thought about this? We are encouraged to study for a specific field and work hard for 40 plus years to save enough money to enjoy freedom in our retirement? Well, I admit I started to think about it quite a lot and every time I did it brought me to the same conclusion – hang on a minute, I want the freedom to enjoy myself now! 

As I’ve said, this was a growing realisation but what really brought it home for me was deciding to start a family. I was lucky enough to work from home but my work required me to travel a lot, and I wanted to spend that time at home rather than in my car, or worse, in meetings. I also fearer that my child would grow and choose a path in life which brought the same lack of fulfilment that I felt, and I didn’t want that for them. 

The Shift

With this new way of thinking, I now had a new ambition. I was sure there must be another way of generating a sustainable income which didn’t involve trading my time for money (and frustration) in the traditional way I was used to, and that would give me more freedom to spend time with my family. I wasn’t asking for too much!

As is the way today, I turned to Google. I started searching for business ideas, with a bit of fulfilment, and found a seemingly endless amount of information about online business. I saw that there are thousands of people out there who have embraced the digital age, opportunities that weren’t available even a few years ago, and are making an income entirely online. You’ve seen them too, I’m sure.

This seemed like an ideal fit for me. Here was a business model that would give me back the ability to live life on my own terms – be my own boss, generate my own income and give me the freedom to do it from wherever I wanted. What I found really enticing was that simple technology would let my business run 24 hours a day, even when I’m asleep, and without the need (thankfully) to be technically experienced!

I then came across an ad. It introduced me to a community of online entrepreneurs and business owners who teach and support online business. The ad promised to show how easy it is today to create a profitable online business by sending me 4 free videos. 

The video’s introduced me to Stuart Ross, now my mentor, and to cut a long story short I am still a member of that community, I’ve set up my online business (which was indeed simple) and I’m creating my own opportunities, to live my ultimate lifestyle of freedom and flexibility. 

Rediscovering My Purpose

I think surprisingly, because I wasn’t expecting it – alongside creating an online business and freedom lifestyle, my journey has helped me rediscover my purpose – and is the reason why you are able to read this! 

In 2016 I sat on the operational board of a construction company and was invited by my then CEO to attend The Leadership Trusts’ ‘Leadership in Management’ course in Herefordshire in the UK. The Leadership Trust in a world renowned training company teaching leadership to individuals and businesses across the globe. 

The course had a profound affect on me (it made me take a good look at myself) and I was incredibly lucky to be invited back to train as a facilitator for their courses and to become a faculty member, which I am proud to remain today.

The reason I tell you this is because over the period of time that I was reflecting on my career and what brought me the most fulfilment along the way, my time with the Leadership Trust has been among the top of the list. 

What I found was that the opportunity to give back, inspire and help others to find their true self and unlock their overwhelming potential is one of the things I find the most rewarding in life. 

It’s the backbone of my business and I am very grateful that I get to share myself and my experiences with you in the hope that I can help you to Live Your Ultimate Self!

Next Steps

If my story resonates with you in any way and you are serious about improving the quality of your life and doing something meaningful, my suggestion would be to explore this opportunity for yourself. The link below will take you to the same free video series that got me started to see if the digital lifestyle is a good fit for you. It’s completely free and if it’s not for you then you can unsubscribe at any time. 

If you are unsure and would like to discuss this with me directly then please contact me and we can arrange a call or talk by email.

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